I help 10th to 12th std students Crack the Architecture & Design Entrance Exams
to get into their Dream Career & College!

Get ready to Crack NATA, JEE2, UCEED, NID, NIFT, ID with my 'A.D-reADY Curriculum' & secure admission into your Dream Career & College!

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Hi...! I am Sanjay Mhatre

Visionary Architect-Artist-Educationist
founder-director, Architecture MasterClass

I am on a mission to help 10th to 12th std students Crack the Architecture & Design Entrance Exams, by developing & nurturing their creative potential using my 'A.D-reADy Curriculum' to get into their dream career & college and inspire them to design-build a brave new world!

Over the last 25 years, I have been a visiting faculty at various colleges of Architecture & Design like KRVIA, IES, Hiray, JJ, SNDT, ISDI, NMIMS-BSSA & NMIMS-CIED.

Established in 2006, Architecture MasterClass (AMC) has trained students for NATA, JEE(Mains)-Paper2, NID, UCEED, NIFT, ID, some of whom have topped with All-India Rankings. We produce 95% results, with 75% of our students getting into the country’s best colleges like CEPT, SPA, JJ, Kamla Raheja-KRVIA, NMIMS-BSSA, SEA, Rachana Sansad AOA, Sir J.J. College of Architecture, IDC-IIT, NID, and Srishti, etc. AMC alumni have gone ahead to study at Harvard GSD, Cornell, Pratt, Parsons, NUS and other prestigious International Institutes.

My Vision

Redefine Education
Inspiring Youngsters

To inspire a whole generation of younsters by unleashing their Creative Potential, evoking & nurturing Architecture & Design Thinking, channelizing the Mindset, & inculcating Holistic Principles to Design-Build a Brave New World !

My Expertise

Digital Coaching
Intensive Training

To train students for an Intensive 5 hours per day (min) during the vacation, in addition to the weekly class throughout the year, & prepare them thoroughly to crack the entrance exams & get into their dream career & college.

My Community

Business Growth Hub
Architecture MasterClass

I founded the AMC Student Community to guide & mentor students at various stages of their academics, career & beyond. We are now a community of over 1,000+, who are constantly learning, evolving, and growing !

3 Steps To Crack Architecture Entrance Exams

Sanjay Mhatre is a Visionary Guide & Mentor with his unique spin on how to Ace the Entrance while building the essential Skills, Aptitude and Mindset among students aspiring for Creative fields such as Architecture & Design.

Step 1

12th std % Target:
Declare & Achieve

During the Introductory Presentation, Sanjay Sir inspires you to create a powerful goal for your 12th std boards score & motivates you throughout your 11th & 12th std academic years to achieve it ! Discuss all your doubts with Sanjay Sir and resolve any mindset issues, to boost your confidence and enhance your performance in exams ... and in anything for the rest of your life !

Step 1
Step 2

Step 2

AMC Lectures:
Offline + Online

The AMC Classroom space is thoughtfully designed by Architect Sanjay Mhatre as a Studio space for optimal learning experience. The lectures, presentations and demos help you grasp the fundamentals and creates a rock-solid foundations for architectural and design thinking to cultivate your creativity, including sketching and 3D spatial orientation and visualization. All lectures are live-streamed and you can go through the recordings any number of times, so keep revising at your own pace without FOMO (fear of missing out).

Step 3

Intensive Training:
min 5 hrs DAILY !

During Vacations the training goes on for 5 to 10 hrs Daily ! This itself makes you focus and achieve the confidence and expertise required to score fantastically in your entrance exams. We go way beyond the entrance exams so that students can tackle any new questions that are likely to be asked in the entrance - as there is no fixed syllabus in these creative exams. This is our USP !

Step 3

Architecture MasterClass (AMC)

The kind of students who join AMC Community are the ones who love unleashing their creative potential for 'design thinking', are enthusiastic about thorough preparation that is not restricted to merely cracking the entrance exams, are willing to bust their limiting beliefs, aspire towards a genuine engagement in their discipline, and are prepared to ignite a passion for their subject.

Unlike most coaching classes, which typically train only for the exams,

our UVP (Unique Value Proposition) is

- its well-lit-up, humongous space with uniquely designed Art-Studio ambiance,

- conducive to fostering creativity, originality, and optimal learning,

- enriched by the experience of select AMC alumni as Teaching Assistants,

- taking students out to meet famous architects, designers, and artists, as well as visiting their studios & exhibitions,

- charged up by creative discussions and critical discourses,

- supporting students over a lifetime that makes them like an extended family. 

Our engaging interactions, handholding interventions, and delivering high-impact training & coaching, are designed around the equation:

Detailed Knowledge + Practical Experience + Psychological Upgrade

= Discovering, Unleashing & Nurturing the Architect/Designer Within!

With over 1000+ members and growing, we are building a new breed of creative thinkers to design-build a brave new world !

3 levels to choose from ...

Silver Membership


₹ 4,999 + gst

3 Sessions, 1 hr each

 Weekly Sessions

90-Day Challenge

Certification, Network & Support

Annual Membership: Course

Lifetime Membership: Community

Gold Membership


₹ 19,999 + gst

Everything in BLUEPRINT +

Advanced Certification

180-Day Challenge

Massive Data Archive, Tips & Tricks

Annual Membership: Course

Lifetime Membership: Community

Diamond Membership


₹ 5L + gst

Everything in CHALLENGE +

Weekly Classes Offline & Online

Progress Report & Gamification Points

Adv. Certification, Priority Support

Annual Subscription: Course

Lifetime Membership: Community

Diamond Membership

Creative Leap Course

₹ 3L + gst

Creative Leap Course (CLC) covers the essential portion of 1st Year A+D: Abstract/Conceptual Thinking, Drafting, Basic Design, Allied Design in Nature, Cinema, Photography, Writing, History, Softwares, Site Visit, Workshop, Study Tour, Emergent Technologies, AI, exciting discussions & a lot more ...!

Coaching Method: Total Immersion into the Creative Mind of an Architect/Designer, Hands-On,, Create & Deliver Presentations to class. Jury. Online & Offline. Recordings will also be on LMS.

Delivery Format: Online & Offline
Start & End Point: 15 July to 15-Sept

Duration: 200 hrs+
Schedule: 5 hrs/day, 5 days/week (typically 10.30am - 4.30pm ... timing may vary based on each TA's schedule). Recordings will be available on LMS.

AMC Alum Community Call: Sat 7.30-9pm
Guest Lectures by AMC Alum spread across the World.

Weekly Discussion, Accountability System, Gamification Points, Annual Certification, Priority Support

Annual Subscription

Diamond Membership


₹ 5L + gst

Architecture & Design courses are dense & daunting task. Seek Support during your Academics & Solve your Doubts ongoingly as do your Assignments, Submissions & Projects ! Also: Time & Stress mgmt, Mindset, Idea-Flow, Focus & Motivation Boosters.

Coaching Method: Ask & Resolve your doubts immediately. Post your queries, or ask them in realtime. TAs (Teaching Assistants) who are AMC alum, will guide you through your queries.

Post doubts in ANY Subject on AMC Platform. We Respond.
Zoom Online Doubt-Solving Sessions 1.5 hr x thrice/week

Duration: 1st to FInal Year B.Arch / B.Des
Schedule: MWF (Mon Wed Fri) 9-10.30pm
Sessions, 3 days/week, Online Zoom

AMC Alum Community Call: Sat 7.30-9pm

Guest Lectures by AMC Alum spread across the World.

Weekly Discussion of your projects, Mock Juries, Resources help, Accountability System, Annual Certification, Priority Support, Connect with AMC Alum spread worldwide.

Discuss Architectural Design, Thesis Concepts with SS, Alum

Trusted By Thousands of Happy Students

Over 25 years of being visiting faculty at several top colleges of Architecture & Design ... & ... over 15 years of coaching for Architecture & Design Entrance Exams via AMC (Architecture MasterClass),
Sanjay Sir has guided, mentored and fired-up the imagination of many youngsters to achieve breakthroughs !

Sanjay Sir, thank you for being one of those whom I look up to during both, the happy and the challenging times. I am grateful to you for being an imperative part of my progress over these years. Thank you for the value system you imbibed in me during my architecture school days. It has helped me proceed through this beautiful course effortlessly. I appreciate every opportunity you have given me with your incessant confidence and trust in my ability. As one journey concludes to give way to a new one, I seek your advice and blessings.

With lots of respect and gratitude for my mentor, guide and friend in philosophy.

Ashutosh Lohana

Harvard GSD
NATA 2015

Sanjay Sir is a great mentor and has helped me in every way. From motivational speeches to being there for me anytime of the day for my doubts & problems. It was an amazing experience. I already know so much more than the average crowd at my college because of the extra knowledge provided by Sanjay Sir.

Shubha Singh

Cornell University
Thakur School of Architecture
NATA 2016

As I’ve described in my book, ‘Just Give Me Some SPACE’, Sanjay Sir was the first person I interacted with in the field of Architecture. I spoke to him over the phone & based on his demeanour & excitement, I decided to attend his Coaching Class in 2012. Architecture MasterClass didn’t just give me a push to enter my dream college but also allowed me to see sketching as a natural instinct & not as a tedious task. Sanjay Sir’s unconventional perky teaching style is what sets the engaging tone at AMC. I am glad I made that phone call in 2012 !

Suha Khopatkar

Author: ‘Just Give Me Some SPACE’
Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi KRVI
NATA 2012

Enrolling myself at Architecture MasterClass was the finest decision I have ever made! I am lucky to have Sanjay Sir as my mentor, teacher and counselor. I still call him up for anything – be it Architectural Design or to narrate happenings in college as well as sounboarding my life decisions. AMC & Sir is the reason I am what I am.

Thank you Sanjay Sir for always guiding us, unlike any other teacher, primarily as a friend, with huge amounts of positivity, motivation and inspiration in our lives.

Kinjal Patil

Film Sets & Production
Thakur School of Architecture
NATA 2017

Architecture MasterClass is not just a NATA class but also the perfect 2 years basic course for entering Architecture College. Such direct practical knowledge is delivered only at AMC. Students get a chance to explore their skills and improve them with the help of Sanjay Sir. I suggest students join AMC for atleast 2 years to get the most out of it.

Sanjay Mhatre is the best teacher I have ever met in my life so far. The flexibility that he gives + the attitude he has makes him completely different compared to those typical tutors. Sanjay Sir makes you feel like attending the class, no matter what !

Meet Mendpara

Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi KRVI
NATA 2016

Sanjay Sir said, “Welcome to magic rather than logic”…as an artist I was struggling with too many things in my life; Sir helped me to deal with them throughout. He is not just a guru but ‘My Mentor’. I emerged out of all the mental restrictions I had deep within. Thank you so very much for pushing me towards the Path of Reality… from Art to Nirvana !

Manali Bhoir

Manali Bhoir Weddings and Events
Rachana Sansad - Applied Arts
NATA 2014

Team AMC

AMC - TEAM: Teaching Assistants: Tanvi, Akshay, Yash, Khyati, Ansh

My BEST Alumni Students & now Powerful Teachers …

hand-picked by me based on their passion to teach, creative leap,

strong grasp of fundamentals of the curriculum & real-life engagement in Architecture and Design projects … along with rock-solid support of a dedicated Admin: Mahesh Dada

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