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Over 25 years of being visiting faculty at several top colleges of Architecture & Design ... & ... over 15 years of coaching for Architecture & Design Entrance Exams via AMC (Architecture MasterClass),
Sanjay Sir has guided, mentored and fired-up the imagination of many youngsters to achieve breakthroughs !

Sanjay Sir, thank you for being one of those whom I look up to during both, the happy and the challenging times. I am grateful to you for being an imperative part of my progress over these years. Thank you for the value system you imbibed in me during my architecture school days. It has helped me proceed through this beautiful course effortlessly. I appreciate every opportunity you have given me with your incessant confidence and trust in my ability. As one journey concludes to give way to a new one, I seek your advice and blessings.

With lots of respect and gratitude for my mentor, guide and friend in philosophy.

Ashutosh Lohana

Harvard GSD
NATA 2015

Sanjay Sir is a great mentor and has helped me in every way. From motivational speeches to being there for me anytime of the day for my doubts & problems. It was an amazing experience. I already know so much more than the average crowd at my college because of the extra knowledge provided by Sanjay Sir.

Shubha Singh

Cornell University
Thakur School of Architecture
NATA 2016

As I’ve described in my book, ‘Just Give Me Some SPACE’, Sanjay Sir was the first person I interacted with in the field of Architecture. I spoke to him over the phone & based on his demeanour & excitement, I decided to attend his Coaching Class in 2012. Architecture MasterClass didn’t just give me a push to enter my dream college but also allowed me to see sketching as a natural instinct & not as a tedious task. Sanjay Sir’s unconventional perky teaching style is what sets the engaging tone at AMC. I am glad I made that phone call in 2012 !

Suha Khopatkar

Author: ‘Just Give Me Some SPACE’
Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi KRVI
NATA 2012

Enrolling myself at Architecture MasterClass was the finest decision I have ever made! I am lucky to have Sanjay Sir as my mentor, teacher and counselor. I still call him up for anything – be it Architectural Design or to narrate happenings in college as well as sounboarding my life decisions. AMC & Sir is the reason I am what I am.

Thank you Sanjay Sir for always guiding us, unlike any other teacher, primarily as a friend, with huge amounts of positivity, motivation and inspiration in our lives.

Kinjal Patil

Film Sets & Production
Thakur School of Architecture
NATA 2017

Architecture MasterClass is not just a NATA class but also the perfect 2 years basic course for entering Architecture College. Such direct practical knowledge is delivered only at AMC. Students get a chance to explore their skills and improve them with the help of Sanjay Sir. I suggest students join AMC for atleast 2 years to get the most out of it.

Sanjay Mhatre is the best teacher I have ever met in my life so far. The flexibility that he gives + the attitude he has makes him completely different compared to those typical tutors. Sanjay Sir makes you feel like attending the class, no matter what !

Meet Mendpara

Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi KRVI
NATA 2016

Sanjay Sir said, “Welcome to magic rather than logic”…as an artist I was struggling with too many things in my life; Sir helped me to deal with them throughout. He is not just a guru but ‘My Mentor’. I emerged out of all the mental restrictions I had deep within. Thank you so very much for pushing me towards the Path of Reality… from Art to Nirvana !

Manali Bhoir

Manali Bhoir Weddings and Events
Rachana Sansad - Applied Arts
NATA 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few pointers before you attend this webinar.

Is this webinar only for students?

Students and BOTH Parents need to attend the webinar, so that each one gets to know what these creative disciplines are all about, and hence can take an informed decision about making your creative career choice.

Unfortunately, Architecture & Design are almost never mentioned or discussed in the regular academic curriculum till 12th std. We only know about the left-brain careers like the usual suspects: Engineering, Medicine, CA & Law as career options. For Creative Minds, there are right-brain careers that are extremely fulfilling, enriching and rewarding. 

How long will this session be and what all will be covered?

The Webinar (aka Ingtroductory Presentation) is conducted in two Parts of 1.5 hrs each thus:
Part 1: Video Link will be sent to you once you register by filling in your details in the short reg form.
Part 2: Zoom Link for the Live Online on Sunday 5pm - Link will be sent to you once you fill in the details in the longer registration Google form.
(Please block 3 hrs of your time for the Sunday Live Zoom meet - as the Q&A session may extend till 8pm)

The webinar covers all the must-knows like:
What is Architecture & Design?
What are the Career Options?
What is the Future Scope?
What are the Entrance Exams?
How are the Scores Calculated?
What is the Investment?
What is the Time Schedule?
Whom are you Entrusting your Ward's Career & Life to?
How is AMC Different from conventional coaching classes?
What is your Ward's Next 100 Years going to Look Like as an Architect/Designer?

By attending Part 2 of the webinar your 12th boards percentage will likely shoot up by 5% to 10% ... & so will your Entrance Exams performance !

How should I prepare myself before the webinar?

If you are really serious about becoming an Architect or a Designer, bookmark your calendar and attend the webinar from start to finish without any distractions. Make sure you are sitting in a quiet place with a notepad, pen, and paper handy. Jot down any questions you may have after watching the Part 1 video. Make sure you are attending from a good Wifi connection and a charger connected to your device.

You will receive the Zoom link (along with day, date, time) for the Introductory Presentation, on the student’s and parents’ cell nos. you provided in the reg form, on WhatsApp, email & SMS.

Hence, please:
1) store AMC no. 9930935959 in all 3 cellphones (student, mom, dad)
2) check your email spam folder for email from archmasterclass@gmail.com & mark as ‘Not Spam’

Can a non-Science stream student become an Architect?

As per COA - Council of Architecture's conditions, a student needs to have taken Science (i.e. PCM) in his 12th std.
(for 3 years from 2015 to 2017, COA had relaxed this condition, when even Commerce & Arts students were allowed to take Architecture)

If you are not a Science student, yet still interested in spatial design, you can always persue Interior Design ! (the B.Voc-ID is a popular degree course by Mumbai University)

And Design has a vast array of channels:
Product Design
Graphic Design
Visual Communication
Interaction Design
UX, UI Design

How much money can I earn as an Architect / Designer?

This varies from person to person, based on their knowledge, experience, and level of commitment to implementation. With new emergent technologies like VR, AR, MR, XR ... and AI, there is a major exciting shift happening !
There are some people that have not earned anything in spite of having all the knowledge, and there are many who have made lakhs and crores of rupees within a few months.

Will you be offering any paid programs in the webinar?

Yes. SS (Sanjay Sir) will talk about membership into the Architecture MasterClass Hub community at the end of the webinar. If you resonate with this concept and wish to continue on the learning journey, you can grab the special offer that will be given only in the webinar.

What is your Refund Policy ?

Fees are non-refundable & non-transferable.

Regarding Investment for Creative Leap Course (CLC 2023)

Regarding Investment for Creative Leap Course (CLC 2023) - 50K+gst :

As is clearly mentioned during the Introductory Presentation (i.e. ‘Discover the Architect/Designer Within You!’ session), CLC is offered as COMPLIMENTARY - which means we don’t charge separate 50K fees for students who join during the Intensive Training – i.e. from 5th March 2023 till their Entrance Exams. Our usual fee for the Entrance Exam preparation is 1.5L – as mentioned in the introductory Presentation - and if a student registers during the presentation or that evening itself, then the Special Price of 1L is offered. 

Some students pay 1.5L even when they join ‘just for 10 days’ as they come in at the last moment before the entrance exams, we have to take that much extra effort to train them in a tight time-window to save you a whole year and get you into the course you chose to get into (B.Arch / B.Des / ID) this year itself

Some students who join AMC earlier (before 5th March 2023) pay 50K for CLC, in addition to the 1.5L or 1L they pay when they join – due to their faith in the sheer value we add to students – which goes way beyond the entrance exam preparations. 

AMC shall continue to create new courses and platforms as we understand students’ needs, desires, problems, and what the colleges demand or expect students to already know, while they do not guide them well enough on those fronts. This has been the experience of Sanjay Sir as well his TAs, with whom students narrate the benefits of having been trained at AMC, even as they go through the rigorous degree course. AMC students invariably find themselves at a tremendous advantage compared to their classmates (since typically almost all other classes prepare their students ‘only for the entrance exams’). Even the college professors are particularly impressed with AMC students and their level of grasping concepts and generating creative ideas which get translated into their designs right from the beginning of the course. 

You realize all this when you attend the introductory Presentation – which is why you join AMC when you always have the choice of joining any other class.

We try our best to accommodate the TAs with your college schedule if the college starts / has already started. Individual colleges start at various points of time which is not in our control.

The following is NOT for students who join during Intensive Training, i.e. after 5th March 2023:
Some students (who joined before 5th March 2023) have expressed their desire to attend individual CLC modules or specific CLC lectures. The investment for these would be 300/hour. You would have to deposit in slabs of Rs.15K to begin with and we shall refund if you attended less than 50 hours or you would deposit 15K again, if you are attending more lectures over 50 hours.

Recap: What You Learn In This Webinar

Architecture & Design

Market Analysis

What is Architecture & Design?

Career Options

Business Planning

What are the Career Options?

Creative Scope

Sales & Marketing

What is the Future Scope?

Eligibility Criteria


What are the Entrance Exams & How are the Scores Calculated?


Mentoring & Coaching

What is the Investment?


Growth Strategies

What is the Time Schedule of the A.D-reADy Curriculum?

Mentor & Guide

Growth Strategies

To whom are you Entrusting your Ward's Career & Life?

The AMC Experience !

Growth Strategies

How is AMC Different from conventional coaching classes?

Your Future

Growth Strategies

What is your Ward's Next 100 Years going to Look Like as an Architect/Designer?

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